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የግራይት እና እምነበርድ ማምረቻ ማሽን
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Havey duty machinery supplier in Ethiopia.

Mentor Trading and Manufacturing PLC Establish in 2020 GC in Addis Ababa City with sister compnay of Topsun Trading plc. . Mentor starts its operation in exporting coffee and other beans like sesame seed later in 2023 investment in importing high stander Manufacturing Machinery Industry and also wheath processing ,animal feed production machinery form turkey Mentor Trading & Manufacturing importing manufactured hollow block machines, paving block machines, concrete batching plants, crushing and screening plants, and mold manufacturing for different brands of machines from Europe and also Importing marble, granite, cutting, and polishing machine production, mentor Trading focuses on customer satisfaction by importing customer need with premium quality machine

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Havey duty machinery suppler

Award Winning

Professional Staff

የኢንጂነሪግ ባለሙያ ሰራተኞች የተደገፈ

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Our partners

We supply high-standard marble ,granite Hollow block, Wheat Processing and Animal feed machinery

Beyazli Group Machinery

Manufacturing hollow block machines, paving block machines, concrete batching plants, crushing and screening plants, and mold manufacturing for different brands of machines in 2003. Beyazli Group focuses on customer satisfaction

MKS Machinery

MKS carry out marble, granite, travertine cutting and polishing machine production,. As MKS, we aim to obtain products that combine sweat and quality in line with your feelings and thoughts in order to use the underground riches more efficiently.


Grain Processing Technologies, are proud to present you with their 55 years of experience in milling machinery technologies and our products with the latest technology. areas of expertise are: Wheat Mills, Corn Mills, Feed Mills, Lentil Plants, Bulgur Plants, Rice Plants and Grain Cleaning, Storage Machines


Mentor trading is exporting all types of ethiopian arabica green coffee bean specialty coffee markets( europe,North America Far East and the Middle East Countries ). the compnay has been also engaged in exporting of oilseeeds spices ,cerals ,pules and beans to different countries

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We supply hight quality machinery for our clients

Beyazli Group Machinery

የብሎኬት ማምረቻ ማሽን

Hollow Block Machine
Paving Block Machine
Concrete Batching Plant
Crushing And Screening Plant
Concrete Block Molds
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MKS Machinery

የግራይት / እምነበርድ ማምረቻ ማሽን

Gangsaw Machine with 80 Blades
Horizontal Splitting Machines
Marble Block Cutting
Trimming Machines
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Ozpolat Machinery

ዱቂት እና የእንሰሳት መኖ ማምረቻ ማሽን

Wheat Processing Technologies ዱቂት ማምረቻ
Machinery Production Capacities(15 tons/day - 1500 tons/day and more.. በቀን ከ 15 እስክ 1500 ቶን የማምረት አቅም ያለው)
Animal feed Production Technologies
የእንሰሳት መኖ ማምረቻ
machinery Production Capacities 1 ton /hour - 80 tons/hour and much more.. ከ1 እስክ 80 ቶን በሰአት
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